When you file an insurance claim with an insurance company, that company owes you a duty to act in good faith. The insurance company must act responsibly and within reasonable time, investigate your claim, and pay you fairly.

Unfortunately, this is sometimes not the case. Insurance companies are ultimately in the business of making money and have the goal of paying out as little as possible. More often than not, they will look for ways to deny, delay or underpay your claim. In doing so, this would constitute grounds for bringing a bad faith claim. Some of the many reasons that bad faith claims are made against an insurance company may include the following:

  • Unreasonable denial of policy claim

  • Refusing to pay a claim without investigating

  • Failing to communicate or respond promptly to a claim

  • Delaying investigation or processing of a claim

  • Refusing to make a good faith effort to fairly settle claims

  • Failing to communicate pertinent information with the claimant

  • Failing to disclose policy limits

  • Failing to confirm or deny coverage within a reasonable time frame

  • Failing to respond to a time-limit demand

For the reason that every claim is unique, it's important to consult with an attorney if you believe that you've been treated unfairly by an insurance company. The Law Offices of Fernando Brito Jr. serves bad faith insurance individuals who have disputes with their insurance providers all throughout Southern California. Fernando Brito Jr. is an experienced attorney who can review the circumstances of your situation to determine whether you have a feasible insurance bad faith claim.